Drum sets:

For the past few years I have been using the Yamaha “Rick Marotta” Hip Gig kit as my main drum set.  I have the cherry stained version.  I also have a regular sized Pearl drum set that is green.  I mainly use this for practicing and private lessons.


I use PaisteCorpLogo cymbals exclusively. My current setup consists of 14″ Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hats, a 20″ Twenty Masters Dark Dry Ride, an 18″ Signature Dark Energy Crash and a 14″ Twenty Thin China.  I also use a 20″ Signature Dry Crisp Ride, a 20″ Twenty Masters Dark Ride, and 8″ Visions Mini-Hats.

Sticks, etc.:

I am a proud endorser of VIC FIRTH products.  The Peter Erskine “Ride Stick”, T1 General mallets, Steve Gadd model brushes, Rute and Dreadlocks are my main devices.


I am a proud endorser of logos_evans_on_black drum heads. I use Strata 1000 heads, G Plus, or EC2 Coated SST heads on the batter heads of my toms and bass drum and on the batter head of my snare drum. I use Strata 1000 heads on the resonant heads of my toms and bass drum. I use the either the Orchestral or Hazy 300 snare side heads.

I also endorse logos_ps_on_black snare wires. I use the Custom Pro series steel wires.

Hand Percussion:

Cooperman 16″ tar.  This is a beautiful and versatile frame drum.

Set of three Latin Percussion conga drums.  Black color.

Touch the Earth darbuka.  Green color.  You can hear me playing this on the track “Slings” from the Cirkestra “Alice” CD.

Frank Giorgini ghatam.  This South Indian clay pot can also be heard on the track “Slings”.

Misc. percussion instruments:

Latin Percussion Black Beauty cowbell, Latin Percussion low pitched Jam Block, RhythmTech Drumset Tambourine, Fredrico Percussion Pan-Man-Fan.

I also have a bunch of misc. bells and shakers.