Eccentric Orbit An instrumental progressive rock band I play and record with.

Tamandua  The progressive rock/jazz/fake ethnic music group I play in and compose for.

Ra Quintet  Another band I play in.  The jazz trio I play with.  Perfect for private parties and all special occasions.

VIC FIRTH  I am a proud endorser of Vic Firth brand sticks, mallets, brushes and practice pads.

PaisteCorpLogo I also endorse (proudly) Paiste Cymbals.

logos_evans_on_white I endorse (proudly) Evans drum heads.

logos_ps_on_black I endorse Puresound snare wires.  I recorded the “Alice” CD with this group.  Contemporary original circus music!  I performed and recorded with this free-improvisation ensemble.  Buy Tamandua “Eternal Anteater of the Universe” here.  You can also find the Ra Quintet, Cirkestra “Alice” and Third Nipple CD’s I played on.