Here are samples of some of my work. Included are examples of my playing and composing. Enjoy.

To hear samples of my playing and some of my compositions with my band Tamandua, please follow one of these links:

Tamandua Soundcloud page

I also play with Ra Quintet. Here is a piece I composed titled Intrinsic Nature (Going Far Means Returning). You can go to here to purchase the CD.

Here is another tune by Ra Quintet that was composed by Brant Grieshaber. It’s titled Fresh Air.

The Rainbow Path  -This is from a short string quartet piece I wrote. It was dedicated to my buddy and his wife and played at their wedding.

Third Nipple Excerpt  -This is from a long free improvisation performed by Third Nipple. I am playing drums and hot pink nose flute. Go to or to purchase the CD.