Recommended listening

Here are some ideas for stuff to listen to:

For jazz newbies:

Sonny Rollins “Saxophone Colossus”  -In my opinion, one of the best small group acoustic jazz records ever.

Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”  -There is a reason everybody recommends this one.

Eric Dolphy “Out to Lunch”  -Not really for newbies.  More for the adventurous listener.  It still sounds fresh and the influence is clear in many current progressive/experimental/underground groups.


Progressive rock stuff (whatever that means):

This is really tough for me because I grew up on this stuff and could recommend  150 recordings.  I’ll try to be objective, but I will lean towards my favorites from some of the classic groups.  I will also add a few newer artists that I like.

Genesis “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”-  This is a great place to start. If the double concept album idea is too much for you, try “Selling England by the Pound” or “A Trick of the Tail”. I like all their stuff, even the poppier 80’s material.

Yes “Close to the Edge”-  Another classic from the 70’s.  I actually prefer “Relayer”, but this seems to be considered a classic by more folks overall.  “Fragile” is also a great representation of their early 70’s material.

King Crimson “Thrak”-  Probably my favorite Crimson album, but I love most of them.  A truly awesome group.  Go to “Red”, “Lark’s Tounge’s in Aspic”, “In the Court of the Crimson King” and “Discipline” for some more essential Crimson stuff.

Pink Floyd “Animals” -Probably my personal favorite from the “concept album” period.  “Meddle” is what I would recommend for the more experimental late 60’s/early 70’s period.  “Wish You Were Here” is also a great album.

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum “Grand Opening and Closing”-  A newer band with an avant-garde/progressive rock sound.  Very cool and one of the best live acts out there.  Dark and theatrical.


More to come soon……….